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LANXESS Inorganic Pigments: Establishing statistical decision making across an organization


An open-minded organization takes up an innovative work approach, establishes it and refines it with the appropriate new tool - Sounds like an ideal image or wishful...


The Culture of Analytics at Johnson Matthey


Interview with Pilar Gomez-Jimenez

Research & Innovation

Revolutionizing Surface Functionalization

11.09.2020 -

Single-step, Ambient, Dry Grafting of Organic Compounds and Biomolecules onto any Substrate.

Strategy & Management

Transforming Research and Development with Design of Experiments

10.09.2020 -

Gaining and maintaining competitive advantage requires today’s organizations to innovate at increasing speed.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Expert Webinar: Accelerating Process Development with Design of Experiments

31.07.2020 -

Synthace’s multidisciplinary team of researchers and software engineers have developed the Antha software platform to lower the barriers for scientists to execute...

Research & Innovation

Reshaping Adhesion - and the Industry

15.06.2020 -

Hybrid assemblies, joints of dissimilar materials, are everywhere - in our smartphones, cars, TVs, dishwashers, in planes and so on. However, in modern products we...

Strategy & Management

Building a Culture of Analytic Excellence

20.04.2020 - Researchers, developers and engineers may question whether they have the capacity to adopt data analytics into their busy working lives. When there is always more to achieve than...

Strategy & Management

Virtual Panel Discussion: Demystifying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

01.04.2020 - Buzzwords like Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Industry 4.0 are quite common these days and are regularly thrown at us in newspapers, magazines...