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Renewable Materials Conference 2024

June 11 - 13, 2024 | The brightest stars of Renewable Materials will meet again in Siegburg/Cologne (Germany).


CO₂-Based Fuels and Chemicals Conference 2024

April 17-18, 2024 | The “Best CO₂ Utilisation 2024” innovation award is one of the highlights of the CO₂-Based Fuels and Chemicals Conference 2024, which will take place...


“Best CO₂ Utilisation 2024” Innovation Award

28.09.2023 -

Innovators at the forefront of carbon capture and utilization are encouraged to showcase their revolutionary technologies and products at Nova-Institute’s “CO2-Based...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

A Toolbox for Meeting Recycling Quotas – Advanced Recycling is ahead

25.09.2023 -

Following its successful debut in 2022, the Advanced Recycling Conference 2023 will showcase the broader range of advanced recycling solutions.

Markets & Companies

GreenPremium Prices for Bio-based Products

29.03.2018 - Several years of market analysis and manifold contacts to bio-based producers have shown that bio-based products achieve GreenPremium prices in many applications. In addition, the...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

CO2 as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers

28.08.2015 - The implementation of carbon dioxide utilization as a raw material in a circular economy and as an energy source takes shape at a fast pace. Various technologies can be used to...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

CO2 Utilization for a Sustainable Future

03.11.2014 - Over the last few years Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) technologies have grown from initial stages to highly dynamic topics in research projects and industrial applications...