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OpEx Index: Insights in Operational Excellence Challenges

07.11.2022 -

Every November for the past five years, the Conor Troy Consultancy (CTC) has been hosting the OpEx Forum in Schwetzingen, Germany.

Strategy & Management

Operational Excellence in Custom Manufacturing

18.05.2022 -

ESIM Chemicals provides customers with sophisticated and flexible specialty chemical synthesis outside their own facilities and continuous improvement from the initial...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Complex Operations Call for Smart Tools

17.03.2021 -

Gemsotec creates tailored solutions and applications that increase efficiency and safety in the process industry by applying the latest digital technologies.


Achieving Operational Excellence with a Digital Lab

30.10.2019 -

With the cost pressures and time to market challenges that the health care industry faces, pharmaceutical and biotech companies must figure out ways to increase...

Strategy & Management

Digital Line of Sight Enables Operational Excellence

09.04.2019 - Digital line of sight is a connection (or thread) of data throughout an asset’s lifecycle to ensure information integrity, accuracy, and timeliness to access. It is achieved...

Markets & Companies

Trends in Asset-Intensive Industries 2019

04.02.2019 - At the beginning of this year, prospects are bright for operators across the oil and gas and chemical sectors. The push towards digital transformation and the ongoing advance of...

Strategy & Management

Emerging Business Models in the Chemical Industry

30.08.2018 - With the rapid growth of the Industrial Internet of Things and recent advances in Industry 4.0 technologies like cloud computing, machine learning and remote sensing, there’s been...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Are You Overlooking a Significant Source of Savings?

31.07.2018 - While oil prices are rising once again after the sharp decline over the last few years, there is still great emphasis on significantly reducing costs across all areas of production...