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Ramping Up Biomanufacturing Capacity

20.04.2022 -

Biomanufacturing for both traditional biologics and new modalities, such as cell and gene therapies, continues to be an active area of investment for CDMOs/CMOS. Some of...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

A Wide Spectrum of Contract Services

19.09.2018 - With its pending $425-million acquisition of Halo Pharmaceuticals, Cambrex joins other contract providers that have used acquisitions in recent years to build end-to-to end service...

Markets & Companies

APIs: Evaluating Supply and Demand

27.09.2017 - The market for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is approximately $140 billion and is projected to reach nearly $190 billion by 2020. So what does the market show? The API...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Opportunities in Drug Development and Manufacturing

12.09.2016 - Growth in the global oncology drug market is an important measure of opportunities in drug development and manufacturing, including for contract manufacturers of active...