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Sites & Services

Successful in Singapore: German Mittelstand Companies

19.11.2014 - In the last decade, the number of German companies with a presence in Singapore has increased by almost 300%. Today, there are more than 1,300 German companies in Singapore. This...

Strategy & Management

A Growing Chemical Center in Asia

19.11.2014 - As a country with almost no natural resources and limited land space of only 710 km2 (slightly more than three times the size of Frankfurt, Germany), Singapore's chemical industry...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Integration Is The Key

08.12.2011 - Groundbreaking Project - When planning a new chemical plant, the engineers at Chemplast Sanmar had to consider many aspects such as safety, quality, efficiency, law and the...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Fieldbus: Good For Your Plant

07.09.2011 - No Risk, Lots of Fun - Most fieldbus novices feel edgy about their decision and understandably so. Getting a new technology to work right the first time is a task associated with...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

DART Fieldbus Cranks Up Intrinsically Safe Power

14.04.2011 - Product - The first real application for DART - Dynamic Arc Recognition and Termination - is DART Fieldbus. It is part of the FieldConnex series of fieldbus infrastructure...


WirelessHart Approved as First European National Standard for Wireless Communication in Process Automation

26.07.2010 - The Hart Communication Foundation is pleased to announce that the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has approved the WirelessHart specification as a European National...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Mobility for Simplicity

20.07.2010 - Prevention - Sometimes it only needs the intelligent combination of suitable components in order to come up with an innovative solution to reach new levels of flexibility and...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Safety Included

27.01.2010 - Plants with fieldbus and hazardous areas are well prepared for functional safety applications. The fieldbus infrastructure is used concurrently by the devices for safety-integrated...

Ehrenamtliches Engagement

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