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Bayer to Spend $1 Billion on US Drug R&D

16.03.2023 -

Bayer is looking to spend $1 billion on drug research and development in the United States during 2023 as part of a plan to double its sales in the country by the end of...


Sanofi Joins Pfizer in nonprofit Drug Distribution

05.07.2022 -

Two globally oriented drugmakers, Pfizer and Sanofi, are making moves that some may interpret as attempts to allay the pharma industry‘s reputation for being “only in it...


Deck of “Trump Cards” Collapses Pharma Deal

21.09.2020 -

After a roller coaster ride entailing months of on again-off again negotiations with US president Donald Trump over drug prices, the country’s pharmaceutical industry is...

Strategy & Management

Analyzing Pores Deep-down

08.04.2019 - Autonomous vehicles, self-learning machines, interconnected systems of production and storage units or self-stocking warehouses: The digitalization of society and the industrial...

Markets & Companies

MENA Pharmaceutical Market

29.11.2018 - The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region is a largely untapped, yet potentially hugely fruitful part of the world for the pharmaceutical industry, both as a sales region and...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Evolution of Technology

19.09.2018 - In terms of development of high-value pharmaceuticals pharma industry is pressed for time: there is a huge demand for new reliable and innovative solutions to guarantee maximum...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

The Biggest Side-Effect of Making Medicine

07.10.2015 - International intellectual property regulations are doing serious damage to the pharmaceutical industry and, by extension, to the health of people around the world. The core of the...

Markets & Companies

Leaving the Patent Cliff Behind

07.10.2015 - The pharmaceutical industry is entering a period of sustained growth. Prescription drug sales are set to advance at almost 5% a year until 2020, while worldwide prescription drug...