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Keyword: Process Intensification

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Cheaper, Faster, Smaller, Cleaner

08.04.2019 - Developed and technically proven around 1995, micro reaction technology was probably highly overestimated for the first 10 years and underestimated for the next 10 years. Meanwhile...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Industry 4.0 Will Be a Game Changer for the Chemical Business

05.10.2018 - Global competition is pushing the industry towards faster time-to-market and more efficient and flexible processes. Modular plants are considered as potential bridges between the...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

New Challenges Demand New Processes

08.06.2015 - Despite their innate conservatism, the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries are always looking for new products that are more effective than those they replace, or...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Tailoring Chemical Applications

02.09.2014 - Over the years, the meaning of the term ''process intensification'' has changed and today, there is still no precise and generally accepted definition. At least there is a general...


MEPI: Process Innovation Serving New Chemical Manufacturing Strategies

- Following the AZF fertilizer plant blast in 2001, a brain-storming group was formed in Toulouse, France, to draw the lines of what would in 2007 become MEPI, la Maison Européenne...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Flow Chemistry

30.05.2011 - A Comprehensive Approach - The development of future chemical processes requires a truly holistic approach that employs standardized methodologies allowing for fast implementation...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Shining A Light

18.05.2010 - Flow Chemistry - These days, the chemical market is under considerable cost and ecological pressure, in view of the new emerging markets and production capabilities in Asia...

Ehrenamtliches Engagement

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