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Resilience and Mubadala in Biopharma Venture

17.01.2023 -

US biopharma manufacturing and technology company National Resilience has entered into an agreement with Abu Dhabi investor Mubadala Investment Company to build a...

Research & Innovation

Chemistry and the „Next Normal”

07.12.2022 -

Numerous crises such as climate change, energy shortages, raw material shortages, war in Ukraine and the consequences of the pandemic are putting value chains worldwide...


AstraZeneca Boosts Cancer Portfolio with Neogene Buy

01.12.2022 -

AstraZeneca has agreed to acquire Neogene Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and manufacture of next-generation T...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics Trends and the Chemical Industry: Digitalize and Cooperate

08.05.2019 - There are ten megatrends which are different in type and kind that influence the logistics industry. Among those mega trends are globalization, demographic change, new lifestyles...

Markets & Companies

Improving Resilience to Supply Chain Disruption

21.11.2016 - Whether it be a heightened risk of terrorism, the prolonged decline in oil prices, an impending natural disaster, the risks of accidents due to inadequate safety practices, or an...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Designing the Supply Chain

20.01.2015 - Elements of supply-chain (SC) design at Dow are a sound work process, modeling capability, resiliency study, customs and duties, and carbon footprint, which together will make the...