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Plant Construction & Process Technology

Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing

21.09.2020 -

Andreas Helget, Managing Director of Yokogawa Germany, about the importance of digital transformation on the way to autonomous systems.


Canada’s CCL Buys Innovia Group

23.12.2016 - Canadian specialty label manufacturer CCL Industries has agreed to pay 1.13 billion Canadian dollars ($839 million) for Innovia Group, the makers of the UK’s new plastic five pound...

Logistics & Supply Chain

“Less-Than-Truckload Networks”

28.07.2015 -

The European market for less-than-truckload (LTL) services is characterized by rising competition and price pressure.


Chemical Industry Security Lag Said to Put US at Risk

16.04.2015 - The slow implementation of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) in the US as part of homeland security and anti-terrorism measures is leaving chemical plants...

Logistics & Supply Chain

SQAS Helps Access Safety, Quality in Logistics

30.10.2013 - Streamlined System - The chemical industry in Europe utilizes to a large extent the logistics services offered by third parties to store, handle and transport raw materials...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

India’s Insights into Serialization

17.04.2012 - Securing Medication - India is among the first countries to require pharmaceutical companies to serialize their products. PharmaSecure works with Indian manufacturers to mark...