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Logistics & Supply Chain

Predictive Logistics Era is Happening Right Now

12.06.2020 -

Change is happening this very minute in the logistics industry. Why? Quite simply, because shippers are under enormous pressure from their customers to provide accurate...


Radar level measurement with 80 GHz

07.08.2018 -

Sometimes the choice is difficult ... the choice for level measurement is easy: 80 GHz radar!


FDA Approves First Digital Tracking Pill

20.11.2017 -

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted marketing approval for the first “digital” pill with a built-in sensor that can track whether patients have taken...

Strategy & Management

Chemicals 4.0 — Bringing the Industry to the Next Level

04.04.2016 -

Industry 4.0 sparks intensive discussions within the chemical industry. The question is whether this is really new or just a fancy label for some well-known practices.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

On the Way to the Internet of Everything

28.07.2015 - The motto of the 11th Plastic Electronics Conference is “Enabling the Internet of Everything”. The conference will provide a vital forum for the full scope of organic electronics...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Safety in explosion protection zone 2

20.01.2015 - Industrial trucks operating in explosion protection zone 2, ATEX category 3 G (gas), require either appropriate safety modifications (complete protection) or must be fitted with a...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Novel Materials and More Efficient Processes for New Applications

05.02.2014 - Industry Constantly Evolves - The plastics industry requires continuous innovation because of the assimilation to the market's demands. For more than 50 years, SKZ has observed...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Full Automation At Low Costs

11.05.2011 - Benefits at a Lower Cost - The downturn of global economy has not reduced the need for investing in process automation. It has, however, prompted creative thinking. The value and...