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CO2-Neutral Industrial Parks

21.09.2023 -

Cluster Process4Sustainability develops recommendations for economically successful transformation.

Strategy & Management

Taking an Active Role in the Industry Transformation

25.05.2021 -

Fernando J. Gómez, head of the Chemical and Advanced Materials Industry at the World Economic Forum (WEF), discusses the chemical-industry-related topics that are high on...

Strategy & Management

Digital’s Transformative Power across R&D

27.09.2017 - The pharmaceutical industry is making a fundamental shift from a product- to a patient-outcome focused approach. Consequently, R&D organizations must also reflect this strategic...

Strategy & Management

Cutting the Gordian Knot of Pharma Operating Model Complexity

27.09.2017 - Pharmaceutical companies have traditionally had complex operating models, but in recent years, complexity has reached a whole new level. Instead of continuously assessing their set...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

New Rules For Pharma

27.09.2017 - Pharmaceutical companies are experiencing numerous challenges such as increasing cost pressures, declining autonomy or protocol-driven care. The reaction has to go beyond...

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Set the Foundation for Digital Transformation in Chemicals with the Digital Core!

16.08.2017 - As chemical companies are reimagining their entire business, they need an IT architecture that provides both stability and long-term reliability for the core enterprise processes...

Strategy & Management

Transformation of Business Models and Processes in the Chemical Industry

10.07.2017 - In a connected world where every chemical company is becoming a technology company, outcome-based business models; end-to-end process automation, integration, and collaboration...

Strategy & Management

Solvay’s Journey into the Future

10.04.2017 - Solvay Business Services (SBS) was officially founded in 2013 and I have managed its service organization since then. Its task and goal: to support Solvay’s growth and to support...