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Plant Construction & Process Technology

Micro- and Millireactors on the Upswing

15.04.2022 -

At an online roundtable event hosted by CHEManager, a group of industry experts discussed the reasons why microreaction technology (MRT) has not achieved the status for...

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Digitalization Stimulates Service Business

05.09.2017 -

In a joint recent study of 2017 the VDMA Large Industrial Plant Manufacturers' Group and MaexPartners analyzed the potential of Industry 4.0 for large industrial plant...


Associations Warn EC on China Anti-dumping

20.10.2016 - Three German trade associations from the chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering industries have issued a joint statement urging the European Commission to cooperate with...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Mega Projects and Complete Packages

08.06.2015 - Sluggish growth, a number of regional conflicts and falling prices in global commodity markets had a major impact on the business climate in the chemical plant manufacturing sector...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Large Industrial Plant Manufacturing

25.03.2015 - The member companies of the German Large Industrial Plant Manufacturers Group (AGAB) booked orders valued at €19.6 billion in 2014, a 11% decline compared to the previous year....

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Technology vs. Execution Expertise

23.03.2015 - The chemical industry is a booming sector for industrial plant manufacturers. Among other things, the shale gas bonanza in the US is inundating European and especially German...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

US and China Beckon to German Chemical Contractors

09.05.2014 - Regaining a foothold - "Made in Germany" is often regarded as a symbol for quality. But quality has its price, and this a cross that the large plant contractors committee (AGAB) in...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

The Asian Century

14.05.2012 - Germany's large plant contractors took in new orders worth nearly €25 billion in 2011, lifting business nearly back to the level of pre-economic crisis year 2008, reports the large...