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WHO Declares Monkeypox International Emergency

25.07.2022 -

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the global monkey pox outbreak to be a “public health emergency of international concern.” This is the organization’s...


WHO Rejects Medicago's Covid Vaccine

29.03.2022 -

The Covid-19 vaccine Covifenz made by Canada’s Medicago, approved for use in the country in February, has been rejected for review by the World Health Organization (WHO)...


US Appeals Court Puts Vaccine Mandate on Hold

17.11.2021 -

In a decision that could sound a cautionary note for other countries hoping to boost Covid-19 vaccination numbers this way, a US appellate court has put a temporary hold...


Global Health Summit Pledges to Share Vaccines

25.05.2021 -

As the G20’s first global health summit convened virtually in Rome, Italy, on May 21, the leaders of 19 countries and the EU called for greater global cooperation to end...


US Recommits US to Paris and the WHO

22.01.2021 -

After four years of Donald Trump rolling back Obama era environmental legislation, newly inaugurated US president Joe Biden on Jan. 20, his first day in office, rolled...


WHO Halts Covid Trials with Chloroquine

29.05.2020 - A more or less global consensus now appears to have been reached that the 86-year-old malaria drug chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine is not an effective treatment for Covid-19...

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Universal Influenza Vaccine Clearly a Strategic Goal

20.04.2020 - The Paul Ehrlich Institute is the German federal institute for vaccines and biomedicines. Klaus Cichutek has been president of the research institution and medical regulatory body...

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Iran: Rediscovering a Sleeping Giant

27.04.2017 - Iran has one of the longest histories of medical practice in the world. In the modern era, however, the Middle East country has fallen off the world‘s medical and pharmaceutical...