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Bayer Denied Further Appeal of Roundup Verdict

26.10.2020 -

The California Supreme Court has declined to hear Bayer’s appeal of the first jury verdict against it in a series of cases brought by US plaintiffs charging that Monsanto...


Agrochemical and Custom Manufacturing Industry: Connected Fates

20.04.2020 -

The fate of the agrochemical innovation, development, product launch and production are strongly linked to the parallel development of the fine chemicals and custom...


Bayer Settles Roundup Labeling Class Action

02.04.2020 - In a settlement over Monsanto's Roundup labeling, Bayer has agreed to pay $39.6 million to end a US class action lawsuit charging that the US agribusiness giant misled consumers...


Bayer Agrees to M&A Special Audit

03.03.2020 - Ahead of its upcoming annual general meeting (agm) on Apr. 28, Bayer has agreed to an independent special audit of its internal rules for conducting due diligence in preparation...


Bayer Agrees to Delay two more Roundup trials

08.12.2019 - Bayer has reached agreement with plaintiffs in two of its California Roundup lawsuits to freeze litigation over the alleged cancer-causing effects of the glyphosate-based herbicide...


Bayer/Monsanto Win Brazilian Seed Patent Challenge

05.11.2019 - In what is being called a “landmark” class-action lawsuit, brought by the national farmers’ unions against Monsanto, a Brazilian appeals court has found in favor the company bought...


Bayer’s Roundup Lawsuits Doubled Since July

31.10.2019 - In mid-October Bayer was facing Roundup-related lawsuits from about 42,700 US-based plaintiffs, the German group’s CEO, Werner Baumann, said in reporting financial results for the...


Bayer Ready to Wind up Glyphosate Suits?

12.08.2019 - As the number of lawsuits from people claiming that Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide caused their cancer mount – to currently more than 18,000 –signals increasingly point to an out-of...

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