Reserach & Innovation

Transforming the Scale-Up of Biobased Molecules

16.09.2021 -

Interview with Jere Koskinen and Ali Harlin, Mega Cellulose.

Sites & Services

Circular Cross-pollination between Chemical Companies

08.09.2021 -

Port of Antwerp is fully committed to the development of the circular economy and is providing an 88-hectare site for this purpose: the NextGen District. Both large and...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Flow Chemistry in a World-Scale-Factory

22.07.2021 -

After an initial euphoria, the use of microreaction technology stagnated, but it is now on the way to establishing itself in production. A world-scale system is currently...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Jointly mastering logistical challenges

19.07.2021 -

Lubricants for automotive, mechanical engineering, aviation and various other industries: This is the business model of Fuchs Schmierstoffe from Mannheim.

Strategy & Management

Combating Climate Change with a Pioneering Spirit

08.07.2021 -

Bertrand Piccard is considered a pioneer in looking at the environment from an economic point of view and has been promoting renewable energy and clean technologies for...

Reserach & Innovation

2021 ISPE

07.06.2021 -

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) have announced the 2021 Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) Category Winners—including two winners of...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Sustainable Synthesis of Biochemicals

25.05.2021 -

When Circa was founded in 2006, the company’s aim was to convert non-food cellulose into high-performance, renewable chemicals, at scale — extracting value from waste...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Is the Beauty Industry Sending the Wrong Message?

25.05.2021 -

As gender and diversity, as well as the body positivity movement, become more and more prevalent among young consumers, beauty companies are finding that they are going...