Chemistry & Life Sciences

Circular Economy for Polymers in Liquid Formulated Products

18.06.2020 - Circular Economy is driving new and tougher problems for the industry to solve faster than ever before. From dealing with waste, to developing sustainable alternatives to...

Markets & Companies

Circular Economy

15.06.2020 - The chemical industry is on the threshold of a new era – the age of circularity. We asked industry experts to share their opinions on this transformational topic.

Strategy & Management

Predictive Fluid Modelling

15.06.2020 - Complex fluids are everywhere. Examples with very specific rheology and transport properties are pharmaceutical components in a mixer, care products, ferrofluids, foodstuff, paint,...

Reserach & Innovation

Reshaping Adhesion - and the Industry

15.06.2020 - Hybrid assemblies, joints of dissimilar materials, are everywhere — in our smartphones, cars, TVs, dishwashers, in planes and so on. However, in modern products we increasingly...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Contributing to the Circular Economy

15.06.2020 - Cellugy was founded two years ago by a diverse team of young academics and professionals from Spain, Indonesia, Albania, and Denmark. Working together at Aarhus University in...

Reserach & Innovation

Creating the AI-Powered Future of Chemistry

15.06.2020 - leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to design novel chemical syntheses. As a response to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Polish start-up based in Warsaw...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Predictive Logistics Era is Happening Right Now

12.06.2020 - Change is happening this very minute in the logistics industry. Why? Quite simply, because shippers are under enormous pressure from their customers to provide accurate real-time...

Logistics & Supply Chain

High Level Chemical Logistics

12.06.2020 - As an independent system of uniform third party assessments, SQAS — Safety and Quality Assessment System —was initiated to evaluate the performance of logistics service providers...