Plant Construction & Process Technology

Think Big – Prove Small – Scale Fast

14.01.2021 -

Digital twin systems transform business by accelerating holistic understanding, optimal decision-making, and effective action.

Reserach & Innovation

Virucidal Testing of Cleanroom Disinfectants

11.01.2021 -

In “normal” times, with the exception of live vaccine manufacturers, control of viruses in cleanrooms is not usually the highest priority within contamination control.

Strategy & Management

Safety Is a Mindset, not a Department

07.12.2020 -

Alexis Pey, Global SHE & Process Safety Manager at Dutch holding Stahl, talks about the company’s safety culture involving the whole organization.

Reserach & Innovation

A New Standard for Process Simulation — and Beyond

04.12.2020 -

Hafnium Labs is tackling one of the toughest challenges in chemical R&D: Obtaining reliable physical property data — fast.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

A Virtual Formulation Assistant

03.12.2020 -

BASF has created ZoomLab, a virtual formulation prediction and optimization tool, to help address the challenges of drug product development.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Stress Test for The Supply Chain

03.12.2020 -

The pandemic triggered by Covid-19 has a major impact worldwide. As a result, all branches of industry are faced with various challenges.

Markets & Companies

Changes in Trade with the United Kingdom

01.12.2020 -

On Dec. 31, 2020, the UK will leave the EU single market and customs union. Regardless of any agreement reached with the EU, the end of the Brexit transition period will...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Challenges Facing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

23.11.2020 -

Sean Diver, president of DCAT speaks about the pharmaceutical industry’s role during the Covid-19 pandemic, trends in drug manufacturing, and key issues for the EU...