Book: Troubleshooting Process Plant Control

A Practical Guide to Avoiding and Correcting Mistakes, 2nd Edition

28.07.2017 -


  • Expands on the first book with the addition of five new chapters as well as new troubleshooting examples
  • Written for the working operator and engineer, with straightforward instruction not hinged on complex math
  • Includes real-life examples of control problems that commonly arise and how to fix them
  • Emphasizes single and well-established process engineering principles that will help working engineers and operators switch manual control loops to automatic control

Author information: Norman Lieberman is a practicing Chemical Engineer with 54 years of design, operation, and troubleshooting experience. His clients are refineries and petrochemical plants. He is well known in the process industry for instructing technical process seminars, primarily for refineries and petrochemical plants.