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15.08.2016 -

Spanish ferry operator Baleària has enrolled its vessel Martin i Soler into AkzoNobel's carbon credits program. Developed in 2014 the program financially rewards ship owners, who are converting existing vessels from a biocidal antifouling system to a biocide-free advanced hull coating, by enabling them to generate income in the form of carbon credits earned by reducing CO2 emissions.

The Martin i Soler was converted from a silyl biocidal antifouling to AkzoNobel's Intersleek1100SR marine coating. In addition to the positive environmental image of using biocide-free technology, the new dip reduces fuel consumption, and hence CO2 emissions. Monitored over one year, the vessel's performance showed a 12% improvement in fuel efficiency - which equates to a reduction of 15 tons of CO2 per day. 100 eligible ships were already converted to the biocide-free technology.