Chemistry is … Robust and waterproof

  • Covestro offers flame-retardant and optimized plastics for electromobility – including electric surfboards.Covestro offers flame-retardant and optimized plastics for electromobility – including electric surfboards.

Electromobility is on the rise around the world, not only for cars and bicycles, but it has now also reached water sports. The Spanish company Aquilaboards from Bilbao, for example, builds fully electric jetboards. At first glance, the battery requirements for surfboards hardly differ from those for e-bikes or electric off-road motorbikes: when in use, they are exposed to the wind and weather, heat up during charging and discharging and can fall to the ground. The battery must never be damaged and must always fit perfectly into the socket: especially when used in water, there must be no leakage through which moisture can get into the battery. And of course here, like everywhere else where electricity is involved, it is important to consider flame retardance.


With a wide range of flame-retardant PC + ABS blends, Covestro provides optimal materials for this field of application; for instance, for the production of injection-molded battery casings. The exchangeable batteries for these surfboards, which can reach speeds of up to 35 km/h and are also available for leisurely trips lasting several hours, are equipped with impact-resistant, durable and flame-retardant casings made of Bayblend FR3010.

The battery casings are also compatible with the requirements of various environmental seals of approval, such as the TCO label, which identifies materials that are designed for recycling.




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