‘Digitalization Transforms Communication’

Hans-Joachim Müller, CEO, Azelis

  • Hans-Joachim Müller, CEO, AzelisHans-Joachim Müller, CEO, Azelis

“At Azelis we place great importance on collecting and analyzing data to gain insight into marketing trends and buying behavior. Data becomes more than a tool — it’s the first step of our sales process. By utilizing a superior ERP tool, an integrated analytics platform that allows for data mining and advanced analytics, we collect and analyze data in order to provide necessary services to our customers.

In an environment where any information is just a click away, we are aware of the way digitalization transforms communication and the way we handle information.

Digitalization as the main force behind the standardization of back-office processes has far-reaching consequences. With increased process efficiency, we can focus more on formulation development and our customers. Further down the road, this opens up a new world of possibilities for specialty chemicals distributors — a world in which highly personalized services and customized products are not only here, but here to stay.”


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