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Nanocarboxylates in Coatings

An Alternative to Toxic Nanoparticles

15.03.2011 -

Everlasting Construction - Healthy buildings are a topical issue within the modern construction industry, and coatings play an important role. High-performance coatings solutions that offering extra benefits such as weather- and wash-resistance, UV-protection and other qualities are required to build an everlasting construction. One of the essential additional qualities is bacterial defense.

Antibacterial coatings are being designed not only for applying on walls and ceilings but also on everything human beings have contact with. Nowadays advanced doorknobs, window frames, air conditioners and refrigerators are treated with a special antibacterial coating. Various substances are being used as antibacterial agents: formaldehyde, diuron, chlorine-containing solutions, silver and other metal compounds.

With regard to internal coatings, in its recent study on "Coatings Markets for Healthy Buildings" Frost & Sullivan reports a shift from nanosilver to regular forms of silver. Furthermore, the importance of copper as an antimicrobial agent is on the rise.

Nanocarboxylates - An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Toxic Nanoparticles

The key factor in making the product ecologically friendly centers around erosion-explosive nanotechnology. This cutting-edge technology was developed by a group of Ukrainian scientists in June 2009.

To put it simply, a series of electric explosions facilitate a release of energy. Vast amounts of energy compel the metal to break into pieces. The dispersed particles are called nanoaquachelates (nanoparticles in aqueous solution). In order to even out the number of particles per volume unit, citric acid is added. The derived aqueous solutions of metal nanoparticles have become known as "nanocarboxylates."

Owing to the invented technology, nanocarboxylates retain the original qualities of the metal (e.g. antibacterial for silver, antifungal for copper, etc.), being at the same time entirely organic and ecologically friendly. A multitude of minuscule-sized fractions enhances the active surface by 1013 times. Thereby, beneficial properties of precious metals are maintained and significantly increased.
This technology resulted in creation of a range of antibacterial coatings under the TopPro brand. NanoScreen, the antibacterial complex, contains silver, which is a powerful antibacterial agent, and copper, which accentuates the antibacterial qualities of silver and adds antifungal properties. Ions penetrate the microorganism, destroying the protective functions of microbial cells, inhibit the respiratory chain of enzymes, oxidize reactions and the fission process. This leads to the death of the cells.

While the majority of existing antibacterial paints have a short-lived immediate effect, TopPro offers an active, long-lasting antibacterial protection. The results of the ongoing study show that TopPro remains effective 12 months after the application. The technology applied in the new product does not foresee any evaporation of the antibacterial agent. Thus, it is expected to be effective as long as the coating is physically present on the surface.

Harmless Is Not Enough

The concept of environmental friendly modern coatings is supported by antibacterial or antifungal properties. Such coatings should not only be free of toxic contaminants (sulfates, nitrates, phosphates, chlorine, aldehyde, etc), they should be at the same time aimed at improving the air quality in the premises, providing prolonged bacterial protection.

TopPro's current lineup consists of two products. TopPro Essential is a waterborne silky-smooth acrylate, silicone-based antibacterial coating for interior works. And TopPro Umbrella, which is a waterborne silky-smooth, water-resistant silicone-based coating for interior and exterior works. Two more products are about to be launched this year. TopPro Synergy is an energy saving insulation solution for interior and exterior works and TopPro Freeze is a fire-resistant intumescent coating for interior and exterior works. The company's R&D is working on future lineup developments: antibacterial primers and tiles caulks, as well as antibacterial resin flooring solutions. 



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