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Silicone Applications, from Elastomers to Laminates

Preview of Wacker´s K 2019 Innovations

09.07.2019 -

“Thinking beyond”, that is the motto under which Wacker, the Munich-based chemical group, will be showcasing new products. These innovations include fire-resistant silicone elastomers, self-adhesive silicone rubber grades with extremely low-friction surfaces and ultrathin silicone laminates for electroactive applications. The focus will also be on liquid silicone rubber grades that, thanks to their greatly reduced volatiles content, do not necessarily require post-curing and thus unlock various advantages.

Nexipal is a novel silicone laminate with electroactive properties. It consists of several ultrathin precision silicone films that are coated with electrically conductive material prior to lamination. The result is an actuator that creates movement, as soon as electrical voltage is applied. The laminates can be used to measure mechanical deformation electrically. Thus, the product can also serve as a sensor.

ACEO Imagine Series K2 is Wacker´s latest 3D printer with real silicon. It can print up to four different silicone materials simultaneously, allowing new designs to be realized. 3D objects can now be printed in different colours and with different degrees of hardness. The new technology also benefits the printing of objects, which require support material.


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