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Polymers For A Sustainable Future

28.10.2013 -

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For A Peaceful Future
Plastics Could Unlock Sustainable Development
Dr. Winfried Wunderlich, Forschungsgesellschaft Kunststoffe

Plastics Move The World
Protecting and Conserving Food, Water and Energy
Dr. Ruediger Baunemann, Plastics Europe Deutschland

Charging Stations at Refreshment Stands
Cologne Could Become a Role Model for Energy Balance
Lorenz Kramer, Stefan Paul Mechnig, Bayer MaterialScience

Thermoplastic Composites, Service Included
BASF Enters Market of Composite Semi-Finished Parts for Automotive Sector
Dr. Andreas Wollny , Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jakobi, BASF

Exploit All Innovation Potentials
European Market Leader Develops New FRP Materials
Michael Ertel, Lamilux Composites

Making Cars ‘Greener' with Plastics
Lightweight, Heat-Resistant and Ready to Roll
Udo Erbstoesser, Lanxess

Polymers for Fuel Cells and Fuel-Cell Systems
Renewed Interest in Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Long-Range E-Mobility
Dr. Gerhard Maier, Polymaterials

Efficient Lighting
Plexiglas and LEDs for the Right Combination
Dr. Heiko Rochholz, Michael Zietek, Evonik Industries

Closing The Recycling Loop
Innovative Process Enables Up-Cycling of Perfluorinated Polymers
Dr. Klaus Hintzer, Dyneon

Green Polymers for Sustainability
New Horizons in R&D for Bio-Based Plastics
Prof. Dr. Rolf Muehlhaupt, University of Freiburg

White Parts for Laser Welding
New Options for Color Combinations
Dr. Sibylle Glaser, Treffert

Customized Climate
First PU High-Performance Insulating Material as a Ready-to-Use Panel
Dr. Sylvia Kaufmann, BASF

Challenges Or Chances?
Novel Materials and More Efficient Processes for New Applications
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Bastian, Thomas Hochrein, SKZ

Integrative Plastics Technology
Driver for Sustainable Production and Lightweight Design
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann, Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung (IKV)

Plastics Take Over Photonics
Innovative Manufacturing Processes Increase Optical Capacity
Erich Fries, Martin Wuertele, Krauss Maffei