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Kolb Takes on the KLK OLEO Identity

05.04.2016 -

In 2007, Hedingen, Switzerland-based performance chemicals manufacturer/distributor Kolb became a subsidiary of Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK), a company incorporated in Malaysia. Since, Kolb and KLK’s oleochemical division, KLK OLEO, have successfully been interweaving their roots. As of 1 February 2016, Kolb has rebranded as part of its new identity as a member of the KLK family. CHEManager asked Uwe Halder, who started as CEO of Kolb a year ago, about the strategy behind the rebranding.

CHEManager: Mr. Halder, after the rebranding of Kolb, how will your market strategy and your customer approach change?

U. Halder: The fact that Kolb has taken on the KLK OLEO logo underlines our alliance with the group. Our market strategy is to further develop an integrated approach. With this we hope to increase efficiency in the running of our business and to improve cost efficiencies. We have received very positive feedback from the market about the recent integration with our sister company KLK Tensachem in Ougrée, Belgium. This has encouraged us in our vision to continue on this path with the sister companies of KLK OLEO in Emmerich and Düsseldorf, Germany. That means: joint marketing activities, key account management and product development.

What are your plans for future growth and the expansion of your business?

U. Halder: We have strengthened our supply chain by several large investment projects to secure delivery to customers. These projects are diverse; additional storage tanks, doubling of the ethylene oxide unloading capacity at Kolb in Moerdijk, The Netherlands, and an own jetty with a connecting pipeline to our site for in- and outbound deliveries. These investments will safeguard the continuity of the supply streams to our customers and are a clear commitment from KLK OLEO to the European market. By combining our specialization in application know-how, rapidity and customer orientation together with KLK OLEO’s product value chain, we can boost each other’s individual capabilities to new levels. This, we can only attain together.

Speaking about customers, what will be the benefits of the rebranding for them?

U. Halder: We strive towards the ability to create benefits for companies and people all over the world with a strong sense of unity. Being part of an industry-leading supplier enables us to connect local customers with world-class products. With more talent and resources at our R&D centers in Switzerland and Malaysia, we are able to further enhance our excellence in product quality. Integrated along the whole value chain, we offer a wide product range as well as access to services to better meet customer needs.


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