Strategy & Management

A Visible Reference of Production-scale Micro Reaction Technology

Joachim Heck, managing director, Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik

08.04.2019 -

For us, the barrier of implementing and recognizing micro and milli reactors as breakthrough technology can be taken by production-scale reference projects we are able to show in China. Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik designed, manufactured and supplied three Miprowa production reactors to Shaoxing Eastlake High-Tech Co. for a production capacity of now up to 30,000 t/a. These Miprowa milli reactors have a throughput of up to 1 m3/h each with a nominal width of 400 mm and a length of 7 m. Meanwhile, the first of these installed reactors has been under stable operation since 2016 without any disturbances. Every reactor contains about 150 rectangular reaction channels with exchangeable static mixers. The fast and strong exothermic reaction is of alkoxylation type. The company’s decision for the Mipro­wa technology was driven by achievable product quality, significantly improved yield, safety aspects and a short return on investment. Eastlake serves the global agrochemicals market segment based on their production of active ingredients. The three Miprowa production reactors are a visible reference of the micro reaction technology in production scale.