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New Foldable Intermediate Bulk Container

02.10.2018 -

Schoeller Allibert launched its most hygienic and safe reusable intermediate bulk container (IBC), ideal for high value liquids and ingredients logistics. The Combo Excelsior was created to meet the latest expectations of the food processing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

“With the new Combo Excelsior we offer the new standard and safe foldable IBC on the market: smooth design from base to lid, 70% folding ratio, outstanding performance, improved handling and labor saving. The new Combo Excelsior is your Visa for International Logistics,” stated Ludo Gielen, chief strategic growth officer at Schoeller Allibert.

Optimized Performance

Thanks to its double-walled structure, the new IBC offers an exceptionally strong and durable performance with a 1,500 kg unit load and a stack load of 8,000 kg. Its standard footprint of 1,200 × 1,000, its 1,000 L capacity and 3,200 kg dynamic load ensure an optimized payload in road, railroad and sea containers transportation. The reverse logistics is optimized with a high folding ratio: piles of seven Combo fit in a standard truck, lowering environmental impact and increasing profitability.

Safe, Hygienic and Easy to Clean

The Combo Excelsior is water, dirt and bug tight as well as needle proof, with a safe, easy-to-clean design. Its smooth and double-walled sturdy structure increases internal volume and ensures compatibility with high speed filling and emptying processes.

Reusable and Sustainable

The new IBC’s UV and deep frost resistant material is suitable for all harsh industrial environment and can be stored outside on long time range. With a minimized number of parts, that can all be easily replaced, maintenance costs are minimized and life span is increased. After its long service life, the Combo Excelsior can be fully recycled, which is lowering its carbon footprint even further.

Tracking and Customization

The container offers many identification options, such as areas for self-adhesive labels on all sides and large inserts for customer’s logo for an easy identification of the fleet. The multiple identification options enable efficient tracking and fleet management. Recesses and pockets in skids are included for RFID labels or IOT devices, allowing accurate and individual management.

Labor Saving

The Combo Excelsior is operator friendly and saves labor. The non-sequential folding system and its unique side-walls, which are locking while erecting, enable one operator to handle it. The large self-locking drop door on front combines easy operator access while maintaining the panel strength thanks to its V shape. With an improved bottom discharge zone, the liner and valve set up and removal is much faster. A larger access and easy connection design for most valves on the market has been included to this model. Fork tine guides on base, strong three skids base and anti-slip plugs reinforce safety and speed handling.

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