Hexagon PPM Analysis Solutions – Setting the Industry Standard

  • Hexagon PPM Analysis Solutions – Setting the Industry StandardHexagon PPM Analysis Solutions – Setting the Industry Standard

For plant owners and designers, the need to integrate plant design and engineering analysis is vital. One without the other could result in costly delays and unexpected expenses. But with the two working together, you have the ability to validate your plant’s design as you go, saving you vital time and resources.

Analysis Solutions by Hexagon PPM help our clients to deliver accurate, reliable results while transforming formerly manual, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks into seamless, accurate processes.

REAL-LIFE PROJECT EXAMPLE: Pipe design project for a power plant
NEWES, the largest maintenance and service company for the steam boiler industry in the Netherlands, was contracted to perform pipe design for a new power plant with three clinical boilers.

The scope included creating a DN500 steam line from the three boilers to the pressure reducing stations that have connections with the existing steam piping systems. This also comprised safety lines to safety valves with blow out lines. In addition, NEWES was asked to create a DN350 feed water line from the boiler feed water tank to the boiler feed water pumps.

All of the systems were to be designed within the PED (European Pressure Equipment Directive). The goal of the project was to design and install a functional power plant in accordance with the European legislation, ensuring customer satisfaction.

The three cylindrical boiler connections with low allowable forces and moments made the steam line design especially challenging. The distance between the three boilers was only seven meters and one or two of the boilers could be out of service at times. In addition, the main obstacle for successful design and implementation of feed water lines were the allowable forces and moments on the feed water pumps.

To overcome these challenges, NEWES chose to design an expansion loop between each boiler connection and the main steam line. The system would be checked according various design cases, ensuring compliance with the specified loads and accuracy of the design.

NEWES chose to use CAESAR II for all of the stress calculations in accordance with ASME, EN and RToD codes, whilst Visual Vessel Design was used for the internal pressure calculations according to ASME and EN codes.

First, the piping system stresses were checked with CAESAR II and the resulting nozzle loads for the boilers were checked according to the EN13445 with Visual Vessel Design.





The key benefits NEWES realized by using Intergraph software included:

  • True international code flexibility: ability to perform stress calculations in accordance with all international design codes.
  • Shortened project time due to efficient and accurate pipe stress and pressure vessel analysis.
  • Accurate and correct stress and pressure vessel analysis.

You can read the complete case study here.


There is no better way of learning than trying it out yourself. Hence, we are happy to offer you a FREE trial of our Analysis solutions.

Visit hexagonppm.com for more information.


Intergraph PP&M rebranded to Hexagon PPM
Intergraph Process, Power & Marine (Intergraph Corporation) has rebranded to Hexagon PPM in June 2017. Hexagon PPM is focused on delivering end-to-end information technology solutions that drive efficiencies during the design, construction and operation of industrial facilities and large-scale construction projects.
Because of Intergraph’s market-leading position and reputation, Hexagon PPM products will continue to carry the Intergraph brand name. “PPM” is retained as a nod to the key industries of process, power, and marine; however, Hexagon PPM will expand its base to serve industries beyond its traditional core.

About Hexagon
PPM Hexagon PPM is the world’s leading provider of enterprise engineering design software and project control solutions. By transforming unstructured information into a smart digital asset, our clients are empowered to visualize, build, and manage structures and facilities of all complexities, ensuring safe and efficient operation throughout the entire life cycle.
PPM is part of Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B; hexagon.com), a leading global provider of information technology solutions that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial landscapes.


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