Severstal Project Uses Hexagon PPM Engineering Design Solutions

Severstal Project, a general engineering design contractor for Russian metallurgical company PJSC Severstal, executes complex projects across Russia and needed a software solution to enable real-time collaboration, automated clash detection, and to ensure design integrity from design phase to construction. Because of its real-time concurrent design and interoperability capabilities, the company chose Intergraph Smart 3D by Hexagon PPM.

Severstal Project has also extended its use of Hexagon PPM solutions to further improve the in-house 3D design capabilities and project execution efficiency. The purchased solutions include Smart 3D, SmartPlant Review and SmartPlant Interop Publisher. In the future, Severstal Project aims to use Smart 3D as the enterprise-wide environment for 3D modeling applications.

Commenting on the decision, Severstal Project’s general director, Krasushkin Yuri Vladimirovich, said: “Intergraph Smart 3D has enabled us to bring our engineering design to the next level. As a truly data-centric solution, it enables clash detection already during the design phase and brings us the competitive edge we have needed.”

Mattias Stenberg, president of Hexagon PPM president, said, “We are glad to see yet another real-life example of how the data-centric 3D modeling can maximize project communication and efficiency through real-time concurrent design. Working together with industry leaders, such as Severstal Project, helps us to further improve our solutions.”

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