The Culture of Analytics at Johnson Matthey

24. June | 15:00 (CEST)

Interview with Pilar Gomez-Jimenez

Global science and chemicals company Johnson Matthey uses advanced techniques and Design of Experiments (DoE) to deliver the sustainable technologies of the future, shaped around their customers’ and the chemical community’s needs. Using knowledge of chemistry and its applications, their scientists research, develop and innovate solutions to make the world a cleaner and healthier place.

Why is it important to use analytics company-wide? How can an analytic company culture be achieved? What is the role of subject matter knowledge of scientists and engineers?

In this interview, Pilar Gomez-Jimenez, principal scientist at Johnson Matthey, and Daniel Valente, Product Manager at JMP Software by SAS, talk to Ralf Kempf (Editor-in-Chief, CHEManager International) about the benefits and challenges of creating an analytical company culture.


Who should attend the event?

This interview is for everybody interested in using data for better decision making: managers, scientists and engineers


Key Learnings:

  • Make better decisions with data
  • Best practices on how to implement a culture of analytics in your company

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