Lanxess Virtual Days EMEA

Join the live webinars: April 19-23

Join the live webinar series and get a deep insight into the newest developments from Lanxess' Business Units which will highlight innovative product solutions.

Lanxess Virtual Days EMEA – the online event for customers and partners in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Experts will discuss current industry trends and present the latest products and solutions. The agenda includes online sessions on Construction and Coatings, New Mobility, Plastics, Sustainable Flame Retardants and Sustainability as well as Consumer Protection Products and Specialty Treatments. In addition, all participants can interactively immerse themselves in the Lanxess product worlds in the 3D Virtual Campus.

For the first time, Lanxess Virtual Days will be held for the European region. In a challenging situation where personal communication is hardly possible, we want to further expand and intensify the existing exchange with our partners, customers and interested parties, digitally. The focus will be on our innovations, current products and solutions.

We will open with a keynote speech by our board member Anno Borkowsky and an outlook by Regional Head EMEA Ralf Krüger on the topic: “Old Europe” or growth engine on climate protection and innovation.

Following this introduction, we bring you a series of live events, about these topics:


Coatings & Constructions

Lanxess provides solutions for various fields of application in the construction sector. In the seminars of day 2, you will learn about trends and insights into relevant products and applications, the important question of quality assurance and possibilities for individual customer solutions will also be discussed.

New Mobility

The materials we are developing for new forms of mobility cover a number of areas, in particular, the electrification of the powertrain for vehicles and the development of the necessary infrastructures and logistics. In addition, we are working on new lightweight materials and technologies, among other things to increase the range of electric vehicles. New Mobility is becoming increasingly important and will have a major influence on the way we get around in the future and thus on what our everyday lives look like. The seminars of day 3 will demonstrate how Lanxess is not only part of this exciting development, but also a driver of the innovation behind it.

Plastics and Sustainability

Day 4 addresses the topic of sustainability, as a key part of Lanxess’s mission statement, the company has formulated concrete goals. One of our larger ones is to be climate-neutral by 2040. In the seminars you will learn which established solutions are already available, as we illustrate how a focus on greater sustainability is reflected in our work and respective products, helping to bring you further success in this area.

Consumer Protection and Special Treatments

The concluding day will focus on Consumer Protection and Special Treatments. In the current climate, it is becoming very clear how important it is to effectively protect people and their environment in many areas of life. The seminars will address a variety of topics including world leading active ingredients for insect repellents from Saltigo, sustainable flame retardants, successfully used in the electronics, construction and transportation industries, and disinfectants used by agricultural businesses.

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