Magnetic assisted 3D bioprinting and mechanoactuation technologies for achieving the regeneration of tendons

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The poor healing ability of tendons as well as the limitations of currently used therapies have motivated tissue engineering (TE) strategies to develop living tendon substitutes.

Our lab has been exploring the development of unique cell-laden 3D magnetically responsive systems that recapitulate key features of the native tissue and that can be further remotely modulated both in vitro and in vivo by the application of external magnetic stimuli. We are exploring conventional and innovative tools such as multimaterial 3D bioprinting to design magnetic responsive systems mimicking specific aspects of tendon tissue architecture, composition and biomechanical properties, which, combined with adequate stem cells, shall render appropriate behavioural instructions to stimulate the regeneration of tendon tissue.

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Who should attend?

Researchers interested in tissue engineering, particularly in magnetic stimulus assisted TE approaches, including 3DBioprinting, tendon and ligament regeneration.


Professor Manuela E. Gomes (Associate Professor, President of the I3Bs Research Institute)


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