Sep. 26, 2016

Trends in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Research

The Future of Pharma Innovation Demands a Holistic Approach

  • Trends in Chemical & Pharmaceutical ResearchTrends in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Research

Despite tremendous challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, it continues with its commitment to innovation and the discovery of novel drugs to address unmet medical needs. Indeed, medicinal chemists face a challenge of their own. Trying to survive in a changing environment where pharma is focusing on biologics drug candidates will require chemists to adapt. CHEManager International asked R&D experts of chemical and pharmaceutical companies to elaborate on their research strategy and share their opinion with our readers.

Our feature is introduced with an article by Magid Abou-Gharbia, Ph.D., Director of the Moulder Center for Drug Discovery, Temple University School of Pharmacy, Philadelphia. He discusses recent trends in Pharma Research and the role of CROs/CMOs as well as academic research institutes. He also describes the success factors for chemistry research in an increasingly challenging environment of cost and time pressure.

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