Creating and Deploying Digital Twins in the Process Industries

26.09.2019 -

Does your organization know the minimum threshold of digital maturity in resources, systems, and culture upon which digital activities can be built?


The Digitalization of Marketing and Sales in the B2B Chemical Sector

19.08.2019 -

Marketing and sales in the B2B chemical sector are slowly making their way into the digital era.

Empower the Intelligent Chemical Enterprise with SAP and its Ecosystem

25.04.2019 - Companies need to change the way they operate. They must integrate and increase transparency of their own end-to-end processes and operations, combining this with real-world...

Leveraging Supply Chain for strategic advantage in the Chemical Industry

21.06.2018 - The Chemical Industry is going through a period of significant change, driven by many factors: access to feedstock, falling oil price and consequently falling prices for...

Talent Recruitment Strategies that take advantage of the Brexit

08.09.2017 - When the UK joined the European Economic Community (EEC) on 1 January 1973, nobody could imagine that quite exactly 40 years later, in January 2013, then Prime Minister David...

Breathing New Life into Spectroscopy

17.01.2017 - Gas-chromatography mass-spectrometry (GC-MS) instruments are useless without reference spectra databases. Without reliable reference spectra to search against, the identity of...

Chemical Industry Vision 2016

17.11.2016 - This forward-looking report examines several key “megatrends” - from dwindling resources to population shifts - that will change business and society in the coming decade and a...

Trends in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Research

26.09.2016 - Despite tremendous challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, it continues with its commitment to innovation and the discovery of novel drugs to address unmet medical needs...