Millipore CTDMO Services Opens Faciilty in France

06.10.2022 -

Millipore CTDMO Services, part of the Life Science arm of Germany’s Merck, has opened a commercial facility in France.


Solvay Opens Microbiology Lab for Energy in UK

06.10.2022 -

Solvay has opened a new advanced microlab for the energy sector at Oldbury in the UK.


Alexion Strengthens Genomics with LogicBio Buy

06.10.2022 -

AstraZeneca’s rare disease arm Alexion has agreed to acquire LogicBio, a US clinical-stage specialist in genomic medicines.


Bloomberg Antipollution Fund Irks Industry

05.10.2022 -

ichael Bloomberg’s $85 million campaign against the proliferation of large chemicals and plastics production complexes and the pollution they can cause has been praised...


Strategy & Management

Patent Protection on Artificial Intelligence?

30.08.2022 -

Artificial intelligence is not an inventor, the European Patent Office ruled - but AI-generated inventions are patentable.

Markets & Companies

The Japanese Pharma Market

27.07.2022 -

Japan continues to be one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world, making up approximately 7% of the global share. Historically, Japan has been viewed as...

Strategy & Management

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

11.07.2022 -

The primary goal for any manufacturing or process organization is to produce a profit and return on net asset (RONA) to shareholders and other stakeholders. Safety and...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Proactive Supplier Risk Mitigation for Manufacturing and Testing Organizations

03.06.2022 -

There is a new urgency in the market for manufacturers and testing organizations to be prepared for rapid, unexpected changes in material resource access, exacerbated by...



Competitive Compliance — The Transformation from Cost Center to Top Line Business Driver


The ability to meet growing regulator and societal demands for high-quality, safe, sustainable, and compliant products is a strategic imperative.


Magnetic assisted 3D bioprinting and mechanoactuation technologies for achieving the regeneration of tendons


The poor healing ability of tendons as well as the limitations of currently used therapies have motivated tissue engineering (TE) strategies to develop living tendon...


Analytical Testing of Cosmetics

26.05.2021 -

Cosmetic products often consist of a long list of ingredients, including potentially harmful substances. The identification and precise quantification of these substances...