13.07. - 15.07.2020

Curious2020 - Future Insight Conference

Curious2020 - Future Insight Conference

+++ Update: Due to the global SARS-CoV2 pandemic we have made the decision to postpone the event to the new date: July 12th – 14th, 2021. +++

Some of the world’s brightest scientists and most accomplished entrepreneurs come together to present their work and explore the future of science & technology; solving the challenges of today and enabling the dreams of a better tomorrow.

This is the world's most renowned gathering on the future of science & technology with >50 top speakers (among them up to 14 Nobel laureates). It covers a broad range of topics such as:

  • Healthy Lives – New breakthrough therapies and diagnostics
  • Materials & Solutions – Chemistry and beyond
  • Bright Future – New ways of working and collaborating
  • Vibrant Digital – The power of in-silico
  • Human Mind – Consciousness uncovered
  • Life Reimagined – Synthetic biology and more
  • Energy – Sustainability and storage
  • Nutrition – Healthy food for a growing world
  • Mobility – Transportation for tomorrow

The conference also features the awarding of the Future InsightTM Prize, up to 1mio€/year for groundbreaking science given out for the next 35 years.

The Curious2020 - Future InsightTM Conference in Darmstadt (Germany), will consist of keynotes, workshops, and short presentations running through parallel work streams punctuated with two evening events. The conference will gather 1,300 science and technology focused guests and be the place to make new business relationships, hear about groundbreaking innovations, and present your company and products to a global scientifically focused audience.

Now is your chance to participate in this unique event. Get your ticket now – buy online at curious2020.com.

Present your work to the community, meet outstanding individuals from all over the world, start new business relationships and join initiatives to enable the dreams of a better tomorrow. Engage as a strategic partner or exhibitor and join a global movement to create a bright future for humanity.

Find out more. Contact us at info@curious2020.com


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