Let’s Stick to Success with Wahal Engineers

  • Pranav Majgaonkar, Uni Ulm, AchemareporterPranav Majgaonkar, Uni Ulm, Achemareporter

#achema2018 - All of us have had the privilege of relishing fresh and chilled juices on a hot summer afternoon. Or we definitely would have taken due advantage of adhesives for healing the cracks in some of our favourite crockeries. At Wahal Engineering, efficient mixing is integrated with adequate dosing and feeding systems to produce some of the best masterpieces that are put to use in a wide vista of fields, ranging from pharmaceuticals to food.

The dis-integrated dissolver engineered at Wahal Engineers is a perfect blend of fundamental science and engineering. Suitably designed to dis-integrate and dissolve solids in liquids in a single operation, it consists of a vessel mounted on a support for bulk mixing along with a recirculation loop consisting of an inline homogenizer. The homogenizer at the bottom of this vessel rips off the solid material into fine particles which are then, evenly dispersed in the mix. The final smooth texture of the mix eventually results due to the continuous re-circulation loop along with an inline homogenizer. This homogenizer finds its applications in adhesive manufacturing (polymeric and rubber based adhesives) and processing of lube oils.



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