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VIP - Visions in Plastic 2011

Polymers For A Sustainable Future

10.10.2011 -

Das ePaper der VIP - Visions in Plastics 2011 lesen Sie hier.

Plastics and Sustainability 3
Dr. Wolfgang Hapke, Plastics Europe Deutschland

Material Research 5
Prof. Dr. Matthias Rehahn, DKI
Dr. Winfried Wunderlich, Forschungsgesellschaft Kunststoffe

The New Dimension of Holography 6
Bayer MaterialScience Develops Photopolymer Films for Industrial Applications
Cengiz Yesildag, Bayer MaterialScience
Thomas Fäcke, Bayer MaterialScience

Energy and Resource Efficient 8
Plexiglas Offers a Raft of Automotive Solutions
Rudolf Blass, Evonik Röhm

Metal Substitution 10
Long Fibers for Structural Components
Dr. Heiko Hess, BASF
Dr. Andreas Wollny, BASF

Polyamide Oil Pans for Trucks 12
High Demands on Stone Chipping
Resistance and Flange Tightness

New Carbon-fiber-reinforced Composite 13
Large Series Production of CFRP Using the Continuous Manufacturing Method
Stefan Bachstein, Lamilux

Use Under Extreme Conditions 14
GRPs and CFRPs Containing CNTs for Use in Wind Power, Aeronautics and Medical Technology
Innovationsallianz Carbon Nanotubes

Dawn of a Feedstock Change? 16
Biobased Raw Materials in the Plastics Industry
Dr. Georg Oenbrink, Evonik Industries

New Composites for the Future 18
PVC and Continuous Flax Fibres
Claudine Bloyaert, Solvin

How to Grow Sustainably 20
Global Changes: The Perpective of an Intermediate Supplier
Dr. Gwenaelle Bescond, Synthomer
Dr. Odair Araujo, Synthomer

What´s New in Biomimetics? 22
Deployable Structures and Self-reparing Materials by Nature
Dr. Thomas Speck, University of Freiburg

More Than Preventing Fire! 24
Mineral Based Flame Retardants in Engineering Plastics
Dr. Oliver Töpfer, Nabaltec

PFOA-free Fluoropolymer Production 26
Early Complete Conversion Has Paid Off
Dr. Klaus Hintzer, Dyneon

Light Blocking and Light Diffusion 28
Two Possible Ways of Interaction
between Polymer and Light
Dr. Sibylle Glaser, Treffert

Systems of the Future 34
Leading the Way in Refrigeration Insulation
Dr. Sylvia Kaufmann, BASF Polyurethanes

Resource Efficient Production 30
Modern Structural Composite Parts
Jochen Mitzler, KraussMaffei
Martin Schneebauer, KraussMaffei
Martin Würtele, KraussMaffei

Safe Testing with Digital Fingerprint32
High-performance Polymers in Medical Technology
Josef Vath, TÜV Süd