VIP - Visions in Plastics 2012

Polymers For A Sustainable Future

Das ePaper der VIP - Visions in Plastics 2012 lesen Sie hier.

Sustainable Development 3
Dr. Winfried Wunderlich, Forschungsgesellschaft Kunststoffe

Partnering for Maximum Sustainability 5
Fraunhofer LBF and Its New Division „Plastics"
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Hanselka und Prof. Dr. Matthias Rehahn, Fraunhofer LBF

Plastics for a Sustainable World 6
Considering Economic and Social Stability
Dr. Ruediger Baunemann, PlasticsEurope Deutschland

Innovation as a Factor for Success 8
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann, Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung (IKV)

Durable Safety 10
Seat Belt System Manufacturer Banks on Impact-Resistant Polyoxymethylene
Henning Küll, Ticona

Future Mobility Concepts 12
Innovative Plastic Solutions Help Pave the Way
Manfred Rink, Bayer MaterialScience

Green Mobility 14
New Materials Are Basis for Sustainable Development
Udo Erbstößer, Lanxess

Inter Woven 16
Industrial Cooperation for Injection Molded Plastic Parts
Dr. Dr. Sabine Philipp, BASF

PC Auto Glazing for Sustainability 17, 19
Practical, Proven and Ready for Adoption

Highly-Transparent Polymers for Light Management 18
Plexiglas for Consumer Electronics
Dr. Alexander Baum, Evonik Industries

Creating Chemistry 20
Ambitious Goals for Innovative Material Solutions
Dr. Bernd Bruchmann, BASF

Bound For Longevity 22
Modifier for High Performance Wood Plastic Composites
Jochen Wilms, Byk

One Pack Systems 24
Tailor-Made Blend Compositions for the Polymer Industry
Joachim Bayer, und Dieter Morath, Songwon

Laser Marking of Polymers 26
Process, Material And Additives

Sibylle Glaser, Treffert

Test The Best 28
Alternative Plasticisers in Paste PVC

Sustainability 30
From Environmental Impact to Sustainable Solutions
Gwenaelle Bescond, Synthomer

New Ideas and Unusual Ways to Sustainability 32
A Concept for Tomorrow's Fridge
Dr. Nils Mohmeyer, BASF Polyurethanes

Bio-Based - And More 34
Polymers Shine in LED, Electronic, Automotive and Industrial Use
Dr. Harald Häger, Dr. Nina Hoppe, Evonik Industries

Developing Bioplastics, Increasing Sustainability 36
How to Save Oil Resources with Bioplastics
Stéphanie Baumann, SKZ et al.

Technology Fusion 38
Multicomponent Plastic Parts in One Step
Marco Gruber, Jochen Mitzler, KraussMaffei

High Throuphput Compound Development 40
Ideal Tool for Screening Blends and Compounds
Dr. Gerhard Maier, Dr. Jürgen Stebani, Dr. Markus Groß, Polymaterials

Flexible & Large-area Electronics 42
Plastic Electroncis 2012 


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