Former Lonza Division LSI Rebrands as Arxada

22.10.2021 -

Die ehemalige Lonza-Sparte LSI, ein in den Bereichen Microbial Control Solutions (MCS) und Specialty Products Solutions (SPS) aktives Spezialchemieunternehmen wird...


Air Liquide Advances French Green Hydrogen Project

22.10.2021 -

Air Liquide has raised its stake in H2V Normandy from 40% to 100%, renaming it Air Liquide Normand’Hy. The French industrial gases group, which bought its original stake...


J&J Takes Spun-off Powder Unit into Chapter 11

22.10.2021 -

As expected, Johnson & Johnson is taking its spun-off baby powder business into bankruptcy as a means of sidestepping a steadily moving avalanche of lawsuits claiming...


ECI Group Provides Technology for Shandong EVA Plant

22.10.2021 -

ECI Group (Engineers and Constructors International) has signed an Engineering Expertise Agreement with Shandong Yulong Petrochemical, a subsidiary of China’s Nanshan...


Reserach & Innovation

Transforming the Scale-Up of Biobased Molecules

16.09.2021 -

Interview with Jere Koskinen and Ali Harlin, Mega Cellulose.

Sites & Services

Circular Cross-pollination between Chemical Companies

08.09.2021 -

Port of Antwerp is fully committed to the development of the circular economy and is providing an 88-hectare site for this purpose: the NextGen District. Both large and...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Flow Chemistry in a World-Scale-Factory

22.07.2021 -

After an initial euphoria, the use of microreaction technology stagnated, but it is now on the way to establishing itself in production. A world-scale system is currently...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Jointly mastering logistical challenges

19.07.2021 -

Lubricants for automotive, mechanical engineering, aviation and various other industries: This is the business model of Fuchs Schmierstoffe from Mannheim.



Competitive Compliance — The Transformation from Cost Center to Top Line Business Driver


The ability to meet growing regulator and societal demands for high-quality, safe, sustainable, and compliant products is a strategic imperative.


Magnetic assisted 3D bioprinting and mechanoactuation technologies for achieving the regeneration of tendons


The poor healing ability of tendons as well as the limitations of currently used therapies have motivated tissue engineering (TE) strategies to develop living tendon...


Analytical Testing of Cosmetics

26.05.2021 -

Cosmetic products often consist of a long list of ingredients, including potentially harmful substances. The identification and precise quantification of these substances...