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Logistics & Supply Chain

“Vive la chimie” - the French Challenge in Chemical Logistics

08.12.2020 -

France has a long, grand history in chemistry.

Logistics & Supply Chain

High Level Chemical Logistics

12.06.2020 -

As an independent system of uniform third party assessments, SQAS — Safety and Quality Assessment System —was initiated to evaluate the performance of logistics service...


Dachser India receives IATA CEIV Pharma certification

03.07.2019 -

The International Airport Transport Association (IATA) recently awarded the Mumbai and Hyderabad branches of Dachser India with the prestigious CEIV Pharma certification...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Harvesting the Sun

18.11.2015 -

A good film needs excitement, drama, heroes and a happy ending. The construction of the world’s largest thermal solar power plant in Morocco has all of these.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

‘Transform Individual Value-Creation Chains into One Value-Creation Network’

07.05.2014 - Complexity management M. Kriegel: Reducing complexity is one of the essential tasks that logistics service providers can do for their customers. Based on time-tested, highly...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Chemical Products in International Groupage Transport

21.06.2013 -

The Austrian company Rembrandtin Lack, a subsidiary of Ring International Holding, supplies anticorrosive protection coatings and road markings to customers throughout...


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