Dachser India receives IATA CEIV Pharma certification

03.07.2019 - The International Airport Transport Association (IATA) recently awarded the Mumbai and Hyderabad branches of Dachser India with the prestigious CEIV Pharma certification, recognizing the company for its excellence in transporting life science and healthcare (LSH) products.

The certification is a significant achievement for the logistics service provider given that only very few companies are currently accredited in India. In fact, the Dachser Hyderabad branch is only the second logistics firm in the area to receive the recognition; while its Mumbai branch is only among a few in the region.
The Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma) certification is a globally recognized certificate that acknowledges companies who excel in transporting LSH products. It is a quality mark and an industrial standard that recognizes the logistics service provider as being able to safely, securely and efficiently handle pharmaceutical shipments through the supply chain to assure product integrity and compliance with national and international guidelines.

Quality and efficiency
Transporting LSH products is not an easy business. It is a discipline of extreme challenges during the product handling process, which demands precision, consistency and composite monitoring to the environment to guarantee the conditions necessary to ship the temperature-and-time-sensitive products.
IATA, therefore, created the globally consistent certification to help stakeholders achieve a high standard of product handling process across the entire supply chain.
With many years' experience in handling life science and healthcare products, Dachser India is a cornerstone of Dachser's corporate air freight strategy. Building on this experience, the logistics provider initiated the complex process of applying for the CEIV Pharma certification, which included a detailed and rigorous auditing process to ensure all facilities, equipment, operations and staffs are compliant with industry requirements. The standards apply to handling, training, deviation management and efficiency of processes, ensuring the highest service and quality standards.


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