CEFIC Launches Energy Efficiency Project

18.01.2016 -

The European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) has launched a fresh initiative to help chemical companies improve their energy efficiency. Called the Sectoral Platform in Chemicals for Energy Efficiency Excellence, or SPiCE3, the project provides various resources to companies free of charge. These include workshops, peer-to-peer mentoring, on-site coaching and targeted events promoting best practise.

CEFIC said European small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent huge potential for driving energy efficiency but can be challenged by a lack of tools, expertise or resources. As an energy-intensive industry, it said the chemical sector consumes around 12% of the EU’s total energy demand, and one-third of the region’s industrial energy use.

For SMEs operating in the chemical industry, energy can represent up to 25% of total costs, CEFIC said. Therefore, increasing energy efficiency is essential to preserving the industry’s competitiveness while, at the same time, helping to meet the EU’s climate goals.