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Plant Construction & Process Technology

Curiosity, Disillusionment, Persistence, Success

07.12.2022 -

Given the challenges the pharmaceutical industry is facing – secure material supply, reduce operation cost and increase flexibility, enhance sustainability and safety...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Micro- and Millireactors on the Upswing

15.04.2022 -

At an online roundtable event hosted by CHEManager, a group of industry experts discussed the reasons why microreaction technology (MRT) has not achieved the status for...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Flow Chemistry in a World-Scale-Factory

22.07.2021 -

After an initial euphoria, the use of microreaction technology stagnated, but it is now on the way to establishing itself in production. A world-scale system is currently...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Flow Chemistry Opens up New Possibilities

16.04.2020 - The change in the product portfolio of many chemical companies away from commodities to customer-specific specialties is one of the current challenges facing the process industry...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Trend Barometer of Specialty Chemicals Industry

16.07.2019 - The 34th and, so far, biggest edition of Chemspec Europe attracted a total of 4,295 trade visitors from 53 countries to the exhibition grounds of Messe Basel, Switzerland. During...

Strategy & Management

A Holistic System Approach

08.04.2019 - Flow processes have to be handled as a holistic system approach. Diverse applications of flow chemistry in pharmaceutical environment demonstrate the value of this strategy towards...

Strategy & Management

Unique Opportunity for Innovation and Improvement

08.04.2019 - Both academic and industrial research is attracted by solid opportunities to create innovation while improving the competitiveness of the chemical production. At this concern, flow...

Strategy & Management

A Visible Reference of Production-scale Micro Reaction Technology

08.04.2019 - For us, the barrier of implementing and recognizing micro and milli reactors as breakthrough technology can be taken by production-scale reference projects we are able to show in...