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Chemicals: A Target for Emission Reductions

08.05.2024 -

In September 2020, China’s president Xi Jinping announced China’s targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions at the United Nations General Assembly.

Markets & Companies

Tougher Times for China’s Chemical Industry

24.01.2024 -

The profits of large Chinese chemical companies fell by 47% between January and September 2023. Despite this current weakness, however, it would be wrong to be very...

Strategy & Management

De-risking or Doubling Down?

09.11.2023 -

German chemical companies face somewhat of a dilemma regarding their China business.

Markets & Companies

Rising Chinese Investments in New Chemical Segments

21.08.2023 -

China’s chemical industry originally focused primarily on basic chemicals, in line with the domestic needs of a developing economy and the lower technology requirements...

Strategy & Management

Chemical Distribution in China

05.05.2023 -

The Chinese chemical distribution market is very likely the largest in the world. To be successful in this competitive market, foreign distributors in particular need to...

Markets & Companies

Going Inland

17.03.2023 -

Historically, China’s chemical industry has mainly been located in coastal provinces, with Shandong as the biggest and Jiangsu as the second biggest province by chemical...

Markets & Companies

Intellectual Property Protection in China: Better Than Many Think

22.02.2023 -

In 2021, the new patent law came into force in China. It represents a significant strengthening of protection against patent infringements.

Strategy & Management

How China’s Supply Chain Issues Affect the Global Chemical Industry

02.06.2022 -

Currently, China’s chemical production and export is affected by unprecedented restrictions, mainly but not exclusively as a consequence of strict anti-Covid policies...