The liberalization of the natural gas market is bringing significant changes to private and commercial consumers – including a growing instability of the gas properties.… more

What have sustainability and social responsibility to do with financial performance? A conversation with Ton Büchner, CEO of AkzoNobel, provides astonishing answers.… more

An evaluation of current interesting chemical market segments in China and essential requirements to compete in these areas.… more

As the requirements of customers and suppliers grow, a clear industry focus with dedication, market know-how and technical expertise is key for chemical distributors.… more

Sibur Confirms Timetable for $9.5-billion Tobolsk Complex

After completing the front-end engineering and design contracts, Russian petrochemical giant Sibur said it is pressing ahead with previously ...

Roche's $8 billion InterMune Buy Not a Sign of More Big Deals

The decision by Swiss drugmaker Roche in August to buy US biotech company InterMune for $8.3 billion was "exceptional" and not a sign of more ...

DuPont to Lift Output of Ethylene Copolymers in Texas

DuPont is planning to invest more than $100 million in expanding output of ethylene copolymers output at its Texas plants over the next three to four ...

Bayer to Seek Initial Public Offering for MaterialScience Arm

In a move both expected and unexpected - at least in terms of its timing - Bayer has announced plans to float its engineering plastics arm, Bayer ...

New Anti-Aging Active Ingredient from Exsymol

Sirhamnose from Exsymol is an innovative active ingredient that protects the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) and provides it with new stability. It ...

Not All Natural Gas is the Same

In view of the increasing diversification of sources of natural gas supply, consumers are increasingly being supplied natural gas with varying gas ...

EquipNet Auctions – A Better Solution

For many years, companies have bought and sold instrumentation and machinery using generalist auction houses and equipment dealers. Today, as more ...

Umicore Develops Catalyst within EuroBioRef Project

The EuroBioRef project (European Multilevel Integrated Biorefinery Design for Sustainable Biomass Processing) was a four year project coordinated by ...

Practitioner’s guide for “LEAN Supply Chain Planning”

Comprehensive practitioner's guide written by Camelot CEO Dr. Josef Packowski describes the first holistic approach to LEAN SCM for process ...

Distribution & Logistics for the Chemical and Life Science Industries

Chemical distributors and logistics companies play a crucial role in the supply chain of chemical and pharmaceutical products. Formulating, ...

Egnaton Notes plus

Sustainability is influenced by acting interdisciplinary and a huge variety of single parameters. Due to the perception that single organizations or ...

Martin Fleischmann was truly one of the 'fathers' of modern electrochemistry having made major contributions to diverse topics within electrochemical ...

Plants and plant-derived compounds and drugs are becoming more and more popular with an increasing numbers of scientists researching plant analysis. ...

Progress with Printed Electronics

Enabling Technologies for Consumer Goods and Healthcare Applications

Printed Electronics is an old embryonic technology. It is an umbrella term used to describe electronics that can be flexible, printed and/or based on ...

Plastic Electronics Manufacturing

Can the Internet of Things Lift This Emerging Industry to the Next Level?

Currently, we do not get around technology presentations without the Internet of Things (IoT) praised as one of the drivers of future growth. There ...

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