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Pharma & Biotech 2017

Publishing Date: 11.10.2017

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Markets & Companies

New Rules For Pharma
On the Way to a More Consumer-Oriented Industry, Pharma has to Deliver Much More than Drugs
Thorsten Schüller, CHEManager

The Expanding Role of Contract Manufacturing
CMOs Are Evolving from Service Providers to Strategic Partners
Dr. Oliver Scheel, Dr. Enzio Reincke, Dr. Carola Schlumbohm, Dr. Constanze Schmidt-Rhode, A.T. Kearney

News Roundup

Staying Focused
How to Turn Challenges Caused by Consolidation into New Business Opportunities
Experts of Actelion, Cambrex, Catalent, Cerbios, Dr. Reddy’s, Heraeus, Senn Chemicals, SGS, and Temple University share their opinions

APIs: Evaluating Supply and Demand
Trends and Factors that Shape the Market for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Patricia Van Arnum, DCAT

Strategy & Management

Cutting the Gordian Knot of Pharma Operating Model Complexity
How Radical Simplification Can Fuel Growth and Boost Competitiveness
Marc P. Philipp and Felix Hettinger, Accenture

At the Forefront of Technological Breakthroughs
Science that Enables Solutions for Clean Air, Improved Health and Sustainable Use of Resources
Interview with Robert MacLeod, Johnson Matthey

Capitalizing On Precision Medicine
How Pharmaceutical Firms Can Shape the Future of Healthcare
Stephan Danner and Dr. Thomas Solbach, PwC Strategy&

Innovative Companies Have to Deal with Risks
In Times of Change the Flexibility of an Organization Will Be Part of Its Future Success
Interview with Dr. Lukas von Hippel, Pharma Waldhof

Digital’s Transformative Power across R&D
Keeping Pace with Stakeholder Expectations in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Dr. Petra Jantzer, Accenture

Manufactoring & Supply Chain

Supply Chain Integrity and Patient Safety
Labeling Solutions can Prevent Fraudulent or Incorrect Use of Medicines
Interview with Ann L. Merchant, Schreiner MediPharm

Risk Assessment for Excipient Manufacturers
Current Situation and Global Evolution


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