Meeting All the Demands of Disinfecting—On, Beneath, and High Above the Surface

01.05.2022 - A few generations back, the widely accepted concept of “clean” equated to “not dirty.”

Except for a handful of settings in which sterile environments were critical, such as hospitals and labs, if a surface, textile, or body part was swept, wiped, washed, or rinsed and showed no dirt, it was considered clean. These cleaning protocols, acceptable in the not-too-distant past, would never cut it in today’s society. As anyone in the cleaning industry can tell you, the game has changed considerably. And at the center of the arena is the uncompromisable need to disinfect. For reasons we are all too aware of, cleaning demands a disinfectant that quickly and thoroughly removes the “enemy”—a vast and highly varied group of bacteria and viruses.

The demands on disinfectants are significantly elevated compared to a few decades ago. The entire process of development—from the labs to the end-user—creates a network of challenges that must be met for a disinfecting product to be successful in the marketplace.

Chemours Glyclean™ D family of disinfecting products checks off all the boxes, offering a nonflammable, VOC-exempt (Volatile Organic Compound), antimicrobial raw material that kills bacteria and viruses. Glyclean D products are so effective—as disinfectants and as solutions for business — because they are based on glycolic acid, nature’s preservative and protector. Chemours manufactures molecules for Glyclean D in a highly efficient process to create a glycolic acid that is identical to the glycolic acid found in nature.

As global environmental initiatives continue to intensify and concerns about epidemics and pandemics remain ingrained in every community, disinfectants will face more and more challenging demands. The ability to meet these demands lies in resilient products like Glyclean D that are formulated to evolve with the world around us.


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