Compositence Secures Further Growth Through Capital Increase

29.04.2013 -

Compositence, specializing in solutions for cost-effective serial production using carbon and glass fibers, has acquired an increase in capital. The company has gained Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn as a new lead investor; the holding company Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg (MGB) and venture capitalist High-Tech Gründerfonds are contributing further capital.

The innovation of Compositence is a production process with which components made of high-performance fibers such as carbon can be produced with automation and very little cutting scrap.

Since intermediate steps typical in today's production techniques are omitted, Compositence's customers can kill two birds with one stone. First, manufacturing costs are reduced since the most economical raw material is used directly and production is fully automated and low in scrap. Second, carbon components become even lighter, since the fibers are placed exactly in the orientation required and only where they are really needed.

Typical applications include load-bearing planar components such as auto body parts, rotor blades in wind turbines, or components used in industry or mechanical engineering.

The advantages of the Compositence process also make carbon an interesting material for new use in applications where other materials have previously been utilized.

In addition to offering structural/mechanical and economic advantages, the process results in very appealing surfaces with light striation. Working with the designer Oskar Zieta, Compositence even showed a table top made of carbon at the Milan Furniture Fair in April, attracting much attention.

Compositence gains a prominent figure in mechanical and plant engineering for its Advisory Board with Dr. Peter Drexel.

Compositence has gained an Advisory Board chaired by the CEO of Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn, Thomas R. Villinger, and including Benjamin Erhart, Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds, and Dr. Ing. E. h. Peter Drexel.