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Unlocking Forward-looking Data Analytics Synergies in the Materials Sector

30.11.2022 -

Interview with Lisa Z. Mobech and Bjol R. Frenkenberger, MIR Insight

Reserach & Innovation

Bioforsense — From Waste to Value

29.11.2022 -

CH-Bioforce, based in Raisio, Finland, strives for a cleaner world.


EPA Awards $7.7 Million for Chemical Risk Assessment

15.11.2022 -

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $7.7 million in research grant funding to 11 technology institutions to develop and evaluate innovative methods...

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Sustainable Industrial Wastewater Treatment

17.10.2022 -

For decades, Ferrate(VI) has been known as the strongest oxidant in the world for the treatment of (industrial) wastewater.

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Halving Chemical Manufacturing Costs

17.10.2022 -

Traditional batch chemistry is too inefficient for a sustainable future. Switching batch processing to continuous processing is inevitable if the world is to reach net...


Innovative Solutions for Chemical Fluid Management

ProMinent GmbH -

ProMinent provides innovative solutions for safe and convenient chemical fluid management.

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Empowering Frontline Workers with AI

17.05.2022 -

Interview with Russ Fadel, Augmentir

Reserach & Innovation

AI Makes Drug Discovery Faster

16.05.2022 -

Interview with Joachim Haupt and Florian Kaiser, PharmAI