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Vahterus: Pros of Two, Cost of One

The conventional books on heat transfer operations boast of the compact arrangement of a plate type heat exchanger while underlying the significance of a low-pressure drop obtained in a shell and tube arrangement. At Vahterus, however, they have attained an artistic amalgamation of these basic configurations in the form of their “Custom-made plate and shell heat exchanger”.

A bundle of metallic plates welded together by a series of butt-weld joints are encased in a cylindrical shell to attain the plate and shell arrangement. Apart from being compact (60-70% smaller than conventional safety heat exchangers, STHEs), this arrangement is highly energy efficient. The absence of gaskets ensures no leaking, thereby allowing the free use of corrosive media for heating/cooling purposes. The welded arrangement promises endurance to high pressures, stress variations and thermal shocks thereby allowing a strong turbulent flow and facilitating heat transfer.

Establishing an expertise in the scintillating domain of plate and shell heat exchangers since 1990, Vahterus has been a pioneer in the development of this technology.