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Achema Will not Take Place in 2021

18.11.2020 -

Achema 2021 will be postponed by almost a year to the beginning of April 2022. The decision to break the 3-year cycle was made in view of the continuing uncertainty...

Control / Automation

Centrifuging success

- Andtrix is a known name in the separation of plastics with centrifuge-decanters. Necessity is the mother of all inventions, and Andtrix understood the necessities of their...

Control / Automation

Vahterus: Pros of Two, Cost of One

- The conventional books on heat transfer operations boast of the compact arrangement of a plate type heat exchanger while underlying the significance of a low-pressure drop obtained...


At Funke: Safety comes First

- We have often heard people say, “Prevention is better than cure.” But have you ever thought of an equipment that inherently prevents and protects itself from a catastrophic damage...


Modularization Paves the Way to “Process Industry 4.0”

06.06.2018 - Individualization does not only apply to cars, clothes or your breakfast cereals. The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is also facing an increasing demand for customized...


Achema 2018: Source for Taillored Logistics Solutions

26.04.2018 - For the first time Achema 2018 invites to a special exhibition zone in Hall 1.1 presenting a Logistics Hotspot for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Sonja Andres of...


Achema 2018: Logistics Hotspot Comes to Stay

26.04.2018 - Aren’t there quite some logistics trade shows already? Yes, there are! But there you have to look very closely to find specialists catering to the chemical and pharmaceutical...


Chemical and Pharmaceutical Logistics: Hand in Hand with Safety

26.04.2018 - In many sectors of industry, logistics has become an economic key factor beyond pure cost. This is particularly true in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and it is one of...

Ehrenamtliches Engagement

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